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The best IT recruitment agencies in Poland are known for their expertise in connecting top IT talent with leading companies. They offer comprehensive services including advanced talent sourcing, customized recruitment solutions, employer branding assistance, onboarding support, and both contract and permanent placements. These agencies stand out for their deep understanding of the IT sector’s unique needs and their commitment to finding the perfect match for both companies and candidates.

In an era where technology reigns supreme, the demand for highly skilled IT professionals has soared, transforming the landscape of recruitment across the globe. Poland, with its rapidly expanding tech industry (Ernst & Young describe Poland as “another Silicon Valley”) and a robust pool of tech talent, stands out as a pivotal hub for IT recruitment. This burgeoning growth has given rise to a plethora of IT recruitment agencies in Poland, each playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between talented IT professionals and innovative companies in need of their skills.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the dynamic world of IT recruitment agencies in Poland, offering valuable insights for employers seeking top-tier tech talent from the thriving Polish tech market. Whether you are a company on the lookout for exceptional IT personnel or a professional seeking your next big opportunity in the tech industry, this article is your gateway to understanding and leveraging the expertise of Poland’s top IT recruitment agencies.

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the right IT recruitment agency in Poland requires understanding the local IT market, evaluating the agency’s specialization and experience, and ensuring they have robust candidate sourcing and assessment processes.
  • Competitive compensation packages are essential for attracting top IT talent in Poland, with salaries varying significantly across job titles and major cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław.
  • Effective IT recruitment agencies in Poland offer comprehensive services including talent sourcing, customized recruitment solutions, employer branding assistance, onboarding support, and both contract and permanent placements, with ongoing after-sales support to ensure long-term success.

Top 10 IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

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Znojdziem are specialists in locating software development and testing, service support, and nonproduction IT talent. They are an experienced firm and have implemented recruitment projects in Poland, Germany, Israel, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

Agency Overview
Icon and Text Table
$1,000+ min. project size
$25+ hourly rate
10-49 team members
Founded 2016
Featured Review

“Thanks to Znojdziem, our company successfully hired 15 senior Java engineers to help with our projects. The team handled the entire recruitment cycle, including introduction calls and pre-screening. They communicated clearly while delivering quality results at an affordable price.”

PositionAgency NameDescription
Focuses on tech startups and software companies, known for fast hiring and strong pre-screening. They have a large candidate database and specialize in roles like React architects, senior full-stack developers, and QA engineers.
Boasts the largest database of software engineers in Poland and Eastern Europe, exceeding 20,000. They have a team of former engineers who understand technical needs and offer various services beyond recruitment, like mobile app development and big data analysis.
Tailors solutions to individual startups and software product companies, known for their innovative approach and focus on communication and flexibility. They cater specifically to the unique needs of tech businesses.
5Sowelo Consulting
Established agency with a wide range of services, including IT recruitment, executive search, and HR consulting. They specialize in mid-to-senior level positions and have a strong presence in Poland and Western Europe.
Boutique agency based in Warsaw, focused on IT recruitment and known for its personalized approach and deep industry knowledge. They cater to both mid-sized and large companies and build strong relationships with clients and candidates.
7Next Technology Professionals
Offers expertise in connecting Polish IT talent with international companies. They are passionate about promoting the Polish tech scene and have a proven track record of successful placements.
Specializes in matching companies with the perfect IT talent. They use a data-driven approach and their focus on building long-term relationships ensures a smooth recruitment process.
Boutique IT recruitment agency specializing in finding and placing qualified IT candidates in various roles and sectors.
1016bit Recruitment
Founded by an ex-developer, this agency has a unique understanding of the IT world. They offer personalized, tech-focused recruitment services and are known for their efficient and transparent approach.

Choosing an IT Recruitment Agency in Poland

Poland, recognized for its burgeoning IT industry and a growing pool of tech talent, has become a prime destination for companies seeking skilled IT professionals. However, navigating the landscape of IT recruitment agencies in Poland can be challenging. Here, we’ll explore key considerations to guide you in selecting the right agency for your needs.

  • Understanding the Polish IT Market
  • Specialization and Experience
  • Local Market Knowledge
  • Candidate Sourcing Strategies
  • Screening and Assessment Process
  • Client Testimonials and Case Studies
  • Communication and Support
  • Cost and Contract Terms

Understanding the Polish IT Market

Before engaging with a recruitment agency, you must understand Poland’s IT sector. The country boasts a strong educational system with a focus on STEM fields, resulting in a rich talent pool of developers, engineers, and IT specialists. Research the prevalent skills and programming languages in the market, and identify the specific expertise needed for your projects.

Specialization and Experience

Look for agencies that specialize in IT recruitment. An agency with a focus on IT is more likely to understand the nuances of tech roles and have a deeper network within the tech community. Evaluate their experience in filling positions similar to the ones you need and their success rate in placing candidates in international companies.

Local Market Knowledge

Agencies with in-depth knowledge of the local Polish market can navigate cultural nuances and legal requirements more effectively. They can offer insights into local salary expectations, benefits, and work culture, which are crucial for attracting top candidates.

Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Inquire about the agency’s sourcing strategies. Do they have a robust database of IT professionals? How do they leverage online platforms, social media, and professional networks to attract passive candidates? Understanding their approach to sourcing can give you confidence in their ability to find the right talent.

Screening and Assessment Process

A thorough screening and assessment process is vital to ensure the quality of candidates. Ask about the agency’s methods for evaluating technical skills, soft skills, and cultural fit. Many agencies now use advanced tools and technologies for skills testing and personality assessments.

Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Client testimonials and case studies can provide valuable insights into the agency’s performance. Look for feedback from companies similar to yours in size or industry. Positive reviews from past clients can be a strong indicator of the agency’s capability and reliability.

Communication and Support

Effective communication is key in any recruitment process. Choose an agency that demonstrates clear, consistent communication and offers support throughout the hiring process. This includes assistance with interviews, salary negotiations, and onboarding.

Cost and Contract Terms

Understand the fee structure and any additional costs involved. Agencies may charge a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary or have a flat fee. Also, review the contract terms, including replacement policies and guarantees, to ensure they align with your company’s needs.

To summarise, selecting the right IT recruitment agency in Poland requires a balance of understanding the local market, evaluating the agency’s specialization and track record, and ensuring their sourcing and assessment methods align with your requirements. By considering these factors, you can partner with an agency that will effectively connect you with Poland’s top IT talent, facilitating your company’s growth and success in the competitive tech landscape.

Average IT Salaries in Poland

cities to target in choosing IT recruitment agencies in Poland

As an employer, you need to determine competitive compensation packages for your prospective IT hires in Poland. This is because even the best IT recruitment agencies in Poland will not definitely tell you what you should set as the salary – too many factors come into play. This table presents the top 20 IT jobs in Poland and their average salary in PLN across the top three major cities in Poland: Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław. 

RankIT Job TitleAverage Salary in Warsaw (PLN)Average Salary in Kraków (PLN)

Average Salary in Wrocław (PLN)

1DevOps Engineer193,656182,123174,589
2Software Engineer177,557168,231159,605
3Data Scientist128,613121,475114,337
4IT Project Manager123,456116,789110,123
5Web Developer118,345111,678105,012
6Mobile Developer113,234106,567100,001
7IT Security Specialist108,123102,45696,789
8Cloud Architect103,01297,34591,678
9Network Engineer98,76593,09887,431
10Business Analyst93,45688,78984,123
11IT Consultant88,12383,45678,789
12Quality Assurance Engineer82,78978,12373,456
13IT Support Specialist77,45672,78968,123
14Database Administrator72,12367,45662,789
15Frontend Developer66,78962,12357,456
16Cybersecurity Engineer61,45657,78954,123
17Machine Learning Engineer56,12352,45648,789
18UX/UI Designer50,78947,12343,456
19Full-Stack Developer45,45642,78940,123
20Technical Writer40,12337,45634,789

At the time of writing, 1 PLN equals 0.2 GBP or 0.25 USD or 0.23 EUR, making the highest salary equivalent to approximately 38,731.2 GBP, 48,414.0 USD, or 44,540.88 EUR and the lowest salary equivalent to approximately 8,024.6 GBP, 10,030.75 USD, or 9,228.29 EUR.

This salary data is based on the findings of recent reports and studies on IT salaries in Poland, including:

Services Offered by IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

The effectiveness of IT recruitment agencies in Poland hinges on the breadth and depth of their services. These services are tailored to address the dynamic needs of the IT industry, ensuring that both companies and candidates find their ideal matches. In this section, we delve into the various services these top-tier agencies offer, highlighting how they cater to specific needs within the IT sector.


  • Comprehensive Talent Sourcing and Screening: The primary service offered by IT recruitment agencies in Poland is talent sourcing. They use advanced tools and networks to source candidates, not just locally but globally, tapping into a diverse talent pool. Once candidates are sourced, these agencies conduct thorough screening processes. This includes technical assessments, personality tests, and background checks, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are shortlisted for interviews.
  • Customized Recruitment Solutions: Understanding that each company has unique needs, leading IT recruitment agencies in Poland offer customized recruitment solutions. They work closely with companies to understand their specific requirements, culture, and goals. This bespoke approach enables them to find candidates who are not just skilled but also a good fit for the company’s ethos and long-term objectives.
  • Employer Branding Assistance: In today’s competitive job market, employer branding is crucial. Top IT recruitment agencies assist companies in enhancing their employer brand. They provide insights and strategies on how to position themselves as desirable employers in the IT sector, attracting top talent and retaining them.
  • Onboarding and Integration Support: The role of an IT recruitment agency doesn’t end with the placement of a candidate. Many agencies offer onboarding and integration support to ensure a smooth transition for both the candidate and the company. This includes assistance with relocation, cultural integration, and initial training programs to help new hires assimilate quickly and effectively.
  • Contract and Permanent Placement: The leading IT recruitment agencies in Poland cater to both contract and permanent placement needs. They understand the different dynamics and requirements of each and provide tailored services accordingly. Contract placements are often crucial for project-based work, while permanent placements are key for long-term strategic roles within an organization.

After-Sales Support

Note that after a successful placement, the top IT recruitment agencies in Poland continue to offer support. They conduct regular follow-ups with both the employer and the employee to ensure mutual satisfaction. This ongoing support helps in identifying any issues early and provides an opportunity for continuous improvement in the recruitment process.

Clearly, the best IT recruitment agencies in Poland offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the evolving demands of the IT sector. By providing tailored solutions that encompass everything from talent sourcing to post-placement support, these agencies play a pivotal role in shaping the IT landscape of the country, ensuring that companies have access to top talent and candidates find their ideal roles.

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Key factors include the agency’s industry reputation, the range and depth of their services (like talent sourcing, onboarding support, and employer branding), their success rate in placements, the quality of client and candidate testimonials, and their understanding of the IT sector’s specific needs.

IT recruitment agencies in Poland specialize in the IT sector, possessing a deep understanding of technical skill requirements, industry trends, and specific challenges in IT hiring. They often have a broader network of IT professionals and offer services tailored to the unique demands of tech roles, unlike general recruitment agencies.

Yes, many IT recruitment agencies in Poland cater to both permanent and contract placements. They understand the flexibility required in the IT sector and can source candidates for project-based, temporary, or contract roles, alongside permanent positions.

Candidates can expect comprehensive support including career counseling, interview preparation, resume and portfolio guidance, insights into the IT job market, and continuous feedback throughout the recruitment process. Post-placement support often includes onboarding assistance and long-term career development advice.

Typically, candidates do not incur any costs when using IT recruitment agencies in Poland. The agencies are usually compensated by the hiring companies. However, it’s important for candidates to confirm this with the agency to avoid any unexpected fees.

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